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Story written as seen through the eyes of a greggil (humanoid)

efore you lays a path through the dense forest,
around a great, green-blue lake with sparkling
white sands in this lush valley. The path winds
around the thick, ancient trees adorned with
moss and vines and lush green leaves. The forest
echoes with soft bird calls, the croaking of
frogs from the nearby swap, the rustling of
leaves as the wind caresses them in it's gentle
embrace, and rustlings of larger animals never
to be seen. Up ahead towers the largest
mountain of the valley, distinguishable by its
lopped off top and round, bulbous rock
formations around it, as if it has melted away.
This path seems to be making it's way towards
this ugly beast of a mountain.




Following the path you walk through more dense
forest. Down it, the brush begins to over grow
the beaten earth, the wilderness trying to
reclaim what once belonged to it. The land rises
as your near the base of the mountain and
begins to turn to the East. Surely, who ever
made this path, was not thinking about time or
boot leather but rather their sore legs and feet.




The trees begin to thin out and the under
brush looses it's grip on the rockier soil
higher up the path, eventually giving away
all together leaving the dark rock exposed.
In some places rich grass grows with bright
flowers opening their petals to the warm
spring sun. The rock around the path is
rough, bumpy and porous in some places
like a sponge. I would seem the mountain is
a volcano and has at one time in the past
erupted violently to have left it's mark so
far down the mountain.
The path continues to climb.....




...up the side of the mountain
steeply. It winds left and right only slightly.
The path is no longer smooth and beaten but rather
cluttered with large rocks here and there causing you to
climb over or around. Up ahead it seems to level off
beside a great wall of dark, scored rock. You finally
pull yourself up the last few feet and stand upon the
huge ledge. It stretches hundreds of feet along the
side of the steep cliff. Facing the valley you can see
the lush green of the forest, the dark gloom of the
swamp and the brilliant shine of the tropical colored
water of the lake and it's many rivers flowing to it
from the other snow capped mountains. Behind you rises
the rock face, tall and forbidding. Impossible to climb, so you
walk along the ledge a ways until, around a bend, you see.....



...a deep darkness looms in the rock face at the end
of the ledge. Deep rumbles can be heard from the mountain's depths.
There is no where else to go except back.
Should you... would you... Do you Dare?
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Click Here. Graphic done by MP

Click Here. Graphic done by MP